R-10 Energy Saver Insulating Package


  • Factory installed certified R-10 insulated door system
    • Meets the provisions for the IRC Foam Plastic Code
  • Heavy duty 3/8" smooth BIRCH plywood
  • Extra 1/8” hardboard cover to protect the insulation from damage (code requirement in some areas)
  • Factory installed “bulb” type perimeter weather-stripping
  • Taped edges around insulation to protect and minimize loss of R-value
  • U-factor of .10, R-value of 10 (entire unit)


  • Meets the intent of Item 5.3.2 of the ENERGY STAR® Qualified Homes. Version 3, Thermal Enclosure System Rater Checklist
  • The Marwin Company “R-10 ENERGY SAVER” insulating package means your stairway is ready to install without any insulating problems or wasted time.
  • Our factory installed insulating panel is more durable and less likely to become damaged. Damaged insulation reduces its efficiency.
  • Our factory applied weather-stripping has the following properties:
    • Helps reduce air leaks and can withstand temperatures of up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Assures a proper seal, by remaining pliable, with low memory retention for long lasting service. Other PVC weather-stripping may become stiff and crack or split.
    • Is securely fastened and won’t peel off or curl-up like most adhesive backed, field applied, “foam” weather-stripping.
  • Helps meet the following LEED categories:
    • Energy and Atmospheric credit 2.2 (Enhanced Insulation Exceeds IECC by 5%)
    • Energy and Atmospheric Credit 3.1 (Minimal Envelope leakage)

To Order

The Marwin Company “R-10 ENERGY SAVER” insulating package can be easily added to any model stairway. Select any of our Wooden or Aluminum models and ask for the “R-10 ENERGY SAVER” insulating package at the time of order.